Why is Vietnam agarwood so expensive

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Most of the people know about agarwood’name, or once upon a time hear about it, it became apparent, we know agarwood is so expensive. Especially Vietnam agarwood, they are very expensive.

In essence, the reason makes it cost so high, is the lack of supply-demand gap, many people want to buy agarwood, but how to buy the real agarwood, it is a hard answer question The type of agarwood also determines the price. For example, Vietnam agarwood is very famous, it has been going through a long history. Agarwood of Vietnam appears in many ancient classics. Nowadays, it remains the same value, century after century, it always asserts immutable its efficient.

In this article, I’m not delving about the great benefits of agarwood, the ways how to exploit agarwood. Those factors, that make it is expensive than other wood. But, you can find the answers to the above questions at  Agarwood Vietnam blog.

Within article limits, I want to introduce you to Vietnamese agarwood. What is the reason for making Vietnam agarwood so expensive?

1, An introduction to Vietnam agarwood

According to research, in the third century CE, had a book, it knew as Nanzhou Yi Wu Zhi’name, with the meaning, is the strange things from the South, Wa Zhen wrote it, who is the man of the Eastern Wu Dynasty. In that book, Vietnam agarwood mentioned a lot of things, how to find and distinguish it, how to collect it in the mountains, etc. Vietnam agarwood produced in the Rinan commandery, That was the center for gathering, exchanging, buying, and selling agarwood. This place belongs to central Vietnam now.

Moreover, in 1580, Nguyễn Hoàng took control over a part, now is the central strip of modern Vietnam, he promoted trade with other countries, Agarwood was accordingly brought to the world. It exported in three varieties, include Kynam (Calambac), agarwood,  agarwood proper. The best expensive is Kynam (Calambac).  At that moment, a pound of Calambac in Hội An market just only bought for 15 taels, but although, it cost for 600 taels when sold in Nagasaki Japan.

Above all, The Nguyễn Lords established a monopoly regime of supplying Kynam (Calambac), we try to imagine that Kynam (Calambac), agarwood,  agarwood proper. All of them are just used for the royal family, the richer. The Nguyễn Lords consolidated economy, and control power by selling them for other countries. Therefore, Vietnam agarwood is so expensive, high quality, and the most famous.

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2, Why is Vietnam agarwood so expensive?

For the time being, when it comes to agarwood, we know it is precious and expensive. Now a day, another country in the world, has a lot of agarwood products, but connoisseurs know about agarwood, they will choose Vietnam agarwood for themself.

Although, in the thirteenth century, the international agarwood market was early trading, and India was being the earliest source for foreign markets. In 1580, Vietnam was beginning to sources it to the world, but its amplification was so far and confirmed the position by quality.

Now a day, Vietnam’s nature agarwood is scarce resources, its quality is very special, According to the color, the agarwood Vietnam usually divides into three types, namely, “yellow soil sink”, “black soil sink”, and “red soil sink”.  This is because after agarwood fell down, it “pollute” by the soil of different colors in the buried area. It is also different. For example, loess deposits win with a fragrant, and sweet smell. Black clay deposits know for their cool air, which is the coolest of agarwood. Red clay deposits have a strong aroma, sweet with a spicy taste, and some almond flavor.

Therefore, ignoring the reasons for the long history, and tradition for many centuries, Vietnam agarwood is of the highest quality.

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