Agarwood Bracelet Made Of Vietnam Agarwood

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First of all, agarwood bracelet from is made of Vietnam natural agarwood material. Because of Vietnam natural agarwood chips smell are very sweet. As a result, when used them to make the bracelet, the bracelet is also a sweet smell. Certainly, the sweet smell is the special aroma of Vietnam agarwood material.

How to clarifying Vietnam agarwood bracelet

There are many ways to clarify the oud wood bracelet. But we can base on these criteria:

The origin of the material: Natual agarwood and cultivated agarwood.

The agarwood oil density in the wood: Sinkable bracelet (high oud oil inside) and unsinkable bracelet.

The shape of bracelet: round bead, one round – one cylinder beads and natural beads shape.

The sizes and number of beads: normally a 10mm beads bracelet has 21 beads, a 12mm beads bracelet has 18 beads, a 14mm beads bracelet has 16 beads, a 16mm bracelet has 14 beads and an 18mm beads bracelet has 12 beads. About 108 agarwood beads bracelets, there are two sizes of beads 6mm or 8mm beads size.

Different between a real bracelet and a fake bracelet

It’s difficult to know the bracelet is real or fake, especial you are a new one with agarwood.

Firstly, the smell of a real bracelet is weaker than a fake bracelet. The real aloeswood bracelet has sweet and comfort smell. It’s the gentle and delicate aroma. You need to take the bracelet close to your nose to smell it. If a counterfeit agarwood bracelet, the smell is very strong, but it’s not a sweet and comfort smell. It’s normally a pungent odor. The real oud wood bracelet has eternal fragrance and the fake oud wood smell is reduced day by day.

Secondly, the real oud wood bracelet is natural in color with white wood parts and infected wood parts. They are never in solid color. The fake bracelet is normally in a solid color, especially in black solid color. Because fake aloeswood bracelet is normally injected oil with high pressure, so it’s color is solid.

We will talk more about how to recognize real and counterfeit agarwood bracelet in the next post.

Benefits of wearing agarwood bracelet

Agarwood bracelets are used as mala beads bracelets. The natural agarwood bracelet with the fragrant smell can distill your thoughts or stop your thinking. They help you get into the desired states of mind quickly. It’s very good if you set your mind that each time you see your bracelet or touch your bracelet, you have to stop all your thoughts and come back to the present moment. So you can observe the reality around you, you can find much happiness and easily suffer your problem.

Asian people believe that wearing an agarwood bracelet can anti-ghost and amulet. And an agarwood bracelet can bring luck to your health and life. In Vietnam ancient culture, agarwood has been used in each ritual of royal, in temples of Buddhism and in the altar of rich families.

Oud wood beads bracelet can also decrease and stabilize your blood pressure. Nowadays, there are many studies about agarwood ingredient. Most of them say that agarwood can help people in cancer treatment.

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