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Agarwood Bracelet: A Luxurious Jewelry Piece with Deep Feng Shui Meaning

The agarwood bracelet is an elegant piece of jewelry with significant Feng Shui symbolism. Crafted from rare and precious agarwood, this bracelet exudes a gentle and soothing fragrance, promoting mental relaxation and bringing good luck to the wearer.

Advantages of Agarwood Bracelet

  • Luxurious and Classy: Made from rare agarwood, the bracelet showcases beautiful natural colors and wood patterns. It is a luxurious and classy accessory suitable for any occasion.
  • Feng Shui Significance: Agarwood is considered a sacred wood, carrying positive Feng Shui meanings. Wearing an oud wood bracelet is believed to ward off negative energies, bringing luck and peace to the wearer.
  • Subtle Fragrance for Relaxation: Agarwood emits a mild and pleasant fragrance, aiding in mental relaxation and relieving stress and fatigue. It is an ideal piece of jewelry for those who appreciate the soothing scent of agarwood.

Types of Agarwood Bracelets

In the current market, various types of agarwood bracelets are available, categorized based on their origin, quality, and price.

  • Based on Origin: Agar wood bracelets can be divided into two main types – Indonesian Agar wood bracelets and Vietnamese Agarwood bracelets. Vietnamese ones boast attractive colors and wood patterns but usually come at a higher price compared to Indonesian counterparts.
  • Based on Quality: Oud wood bracelets come in different types based on the concentration of agarwood essential oil. Those with higher oil content tend to be more expensive.
  • Based on Price: Oud wood bracelets vary in price, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand US dollars, depending on their origin, quality, and size.

Choosing the Right Agarwood Bracelet

When purchasing an agar wood bracelet, consider the following points:

  • Select a bracelet with a clear and reputable origin from trusted brands.
  • Choose a bracelet with appealing colors and wood patterns that match your preferences.
  • Opt for a bracelet with a high concentration of essential oil for the best fragrance.
  • Select a bracelet with a size that fits your wrist comfortably.

Caring for Your Agarwood Bracelet

To ensure the durability of your agar wood bracelet, follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid exposing the bracelet to water and chemicals.
  • Prevent prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Clean the bracelet with a soft, dry cloth.

Oud wood bracelets are not only luxurious accessories but also carry profound Feng Shui meanings. If you’re searching for a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry, an Oud wood bracelet is a perfect choice for you.