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Kinam – The King of Agarwood

Kinam is also known as Kì Nam, Kỳ Nam, Kyara, Qi Nan, a rare and precious type of agarwood, often referred to as the “king of agarwood.” It originates from tropical forests, primarily found in Vietnam. Ki nam is formed from a tree known as Aquilaria Crassna when it becomes infected with a specific type of fungus.

Ki nam has a distinctive fragrance described as “bitter” or “smells like a monk.” Its scent is exceptionally refined, pure, and evokes a sense of tranquility and serenity.

Used in various fields, from medicine to spirituality and art, Kyara plays a significant role. In medicine, Kyara is employed to treat various conditions such as cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive issues. Spiritually, Ki nam is considered an object that brings luck and peace. In the realm of art, it is utilized to craft jewelry and fragrances.

If you are seeking a rare type of agarwood that brings both high aesthetic and spiritual value, Ki nam is an excellent choice.