Oud wood or Agarwood – What is it?

oud wood agarwood

What is oud wood or agarwood?

Agarwood or oud wood is a fragrant resinous part of the Aquilaria Malaccensis trees. At the first in normal condition, the wood is light and in white color without smell or only normal wood smell. Because of infection like ants, drilling…the tree will produce resin to enclose the wound. That resin is dark and aromatic. Everyone calls them are agarwood or oud wood.

Oudwood products:

Oudwood is used for distinctive fragrant in Arabic culture. It’s also used for burning as incense in the Oriental culture. There are many types of Agarwood products as Agarwood Chips, Agarwood Bracelet, Agarwood Oil, Agarwood Incense and Agarwood Collection. Agarwood chips are very popular in Arabian Oud Wood culture. Arabian often use the dense agarwood chips and burn in the charcoal. These dense agarwood chips normally from India, Malaysia or Indonesia. Asian people like Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese have a different using method because of different purpose. They usually use “heat, no burn” method, or “without smoke” method to use their agarwood chips. The agarwood chips are also thinner than Arabian use. These oud chips are mostly from Viet Nam, Lao, Cambodia.

Oud wood quality:

The qualities of agarwood are depended on smell and density of resin inside the wood part. The smell of agarwood is influenced by the botanical species, location, age of the tree and where the piece in the tree. Now, we found 17 species of Aquilaria on the world, focus in Southeast Asia. The Aquilaria Banaensae in the middle of Viet Nam is known as the highest quality oud wood. And this type of tree can produces Ky Nam – the king of agarwood. About the density of resin inside the wood, the highest quality of the oud wood is sinkable in the water. It means if you drop these agarwood pieces in the water, they will be sunk in the bottom. Now, customers are very easy to buy online oud wood products in an online shop like oudwoodvietnam.com, Amazon, eBay, Esty…

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