What is soil oud agarwood?

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There are many types of agarwood oud in the world. In this post, we only talk about soil agarwood. The name “soil oud agarwood” is known and used by Vietnam agarwood sellers.

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Soil oud agarwood is one special type of natural agarwood oud. As the name means, the soil agarwood is agarwood that is found underground. They are dead agarwood trees, agarwood branches, or agarwood pieces underground, in streams or rivers for a long time. We say “for a long time” because nowadays, some oud agarwood sellers put their fresh agarwood material underground for 1-2 years and sell it as soil oud agarwood. But the quality of this agarwood is completely different.

How to find the soil oud agarwood?

Agarwood hunters in Vietnam often find soil agarwood by digging the roots of dead agarwood trees. Sometimes they see a part of dead agarwood branches appearing after mudslides. Then they dig around and collect soil oud pieces.

The age of the soil oud agarwood.

It’s difficult to know the age of these soil agarwood pieces, maybe several decades, maybe hundreds of years. But soil agarwood oud is not underground for 1-2 years only. We will talk about the differences between fresh agarwood and soil agarwood at “quality of soil agarwood”. Someone also asked me if the hundreds of ages agarwood pieces are Kinam oud. I said that Kinam oud is very different from agarwood.

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Color of soil oud agarwood.

Because of lies underground, soil oud pieces have the same color as the soil around. In Vietnam, almost all soil ouds have a red color outside because agarwood trees often grow up in basalt-red soil areas. Sometimes, we also see the soil oud in black color.

Quality of soil oud agarwood?

If you have sink soil agarwood chips from Nha Trang of Vietnam, I can say that you have the best quality of agarwood in the world. Why? The smell of soil agarwood is better than other agarwood types. It’s not easy to explain how better but if you have ever tried soil agarwood, you will feel by yourself. About oud oil density inside, it’s full of oil. Because they are underground and in water for a long time, so almost all wood parts (only wood, not contain oil) are destroyed naturally over time. You can see high agarwood resin inside almost soil agarwood pieces. Oudwoodvietnam.com shows you the comparison picture between fresh agarwood pieces and soil agarwood pieces here for your reference:

Soil oud agarwood vs fresh oud agarwood

Using soil oud agarwood

There are many ways to use soil agarwood: burning or heating to enjoy the special smell, making premium quality pure oud oil, carving handicrafts, making agarwood bracelets… In Vietnam, someone also soaks high-quality soil agarwood in wine to drink. They believe that it is good for their brain and health. We don’t recommend you do this way if you do not understand the origin of your soil oud material. At oudwoodvietnam.com, we often use soil agarwood for heating my house and making premium quality oudh oil.

Vietnam soil oud agarwood?


In Vietnam, the soil oud has been found in the middle areas like Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa Province), Quang Nam Province, Phu Yen Province, Quang Binh Province, Thua Thien – Hue Province, Quang Binh Province…

There are some grades of soil oud from highest grade (sinkable, Nha Trang) to lowest, depending on the density of oud oil inside, smell… The smell of soil oud depends on the foundation areas. In Vietnam, we most like Nha Trang sinkable soil oud.

Price of soil oud agarwood

In general, the price of soil oud in Vietnam is higher than other agarwood types because of its quality and rare. It’s not easy to collect soil oud in the forest. The price of one-kilogram soil oud now is from $5000 to $100,000. Some special soil agarwood pieces have a higher price even.

As we said at the top of this post, some sellers put their fresh agarwood material underground for 1-2 years and sell it as soil agarwood. So, you should buy soil out when you have experience with this type of agarwood.

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