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Kinam oud agarwood – A treasure is not easy to find and buy

Viet Nam Nha Trang Sinkable Ky Nam, Ki nam, Kyara, Qi nan, Calambac, 沉香木奇楠, Kinam Oud - 奇楠 - Calambac-Qi Nan-Agarwood

Agarwood of agarwood or the king of agarwood are the words that people talk about Kinam Oud, 奇楠, Calambac or Qi Nan from the distant past to present day. Kinam is more expensive than gold, rarer than diamond. In tens of thousands, millions of agarwood trees have one tree for KiNam oud. Only the soil […]

How to identify real agarwood bracelet vs fake agarwood bracelet?

How to identify real agarwood bracelet vs fake agarwood bracelet

First of all, there are many counterfeit agarwood bracelets on the market now because the price of agarwood price is very high. If you are an amateur in agarwood, it’s difficult to recognize an agarwood bracelet is genius agarwood or fake agarwood. Here are tips for you identify real agarwood bracelet and fake agarwood bracelet […]

Pure oud oil | What makes the best quality of oud oil?

Oud Oil | Oudh Oil | Agarwood Oil | Premium Quality | 100% Natural Undiluted Fragrance Essential Oil | Long Lasting Aroma Oil | Grade A| 1ML

Most noteworthy, nowadays it’s not easy to find real pure oud oil on the market. Everyone easy to find many products names as: “oud oil“, “agarwood oil”, “oud essential oil”, “oud perfume”… on the online market at a low oud oil price. But because most of you have never ever tried and experienced with real […]