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Agarwood Bracelet Made Of Vietnam Agarwood

Vietnam agarwood Beaded Bracelet – Natural agarwood mala Beads Bracelet – Agarwood Meditation mala Beads – aloeswood Beads Bracelet – Tibetan mala Prayer Beads - agarwood Prayer Beads - Sinkable agarwood 1

First of all, agarwood bracelet from is made of Vietnam natural agarwood material. Because of Vietnam natural agarwood chips smell are very sweet. As a result, when used them to make the bracelet, the bracelet is also a sweet smell. Certainly, the sweet smell is the special aroma of Vietnam agarwood material. How to […]

Oud wood or Agarwood – What is it?

oud wood agarwood

What is oud wood? Agarwood or oud wood is a fragrant resinous part of the Aquilaria Malaccensis trees. At the first in normal condition, the wood is light and in white color without smell or only normal wood smell. Because of infection like ants, drilling…the tree will produce resin to enclose the wound. That resin […]

Oud Wood Chips Agarwood Chips From Vietnam

Wild Oud Wood Chips Agarwood Chips

There are two types of oud wood chips or agarwood chips from Vietnam: Wild chips and cultivated chips. Wild oud agarwood chips: Wild oud chips are almost harvested from tropical forests in the middle area of Viet Nam. These provinces in Viet Nam are famous about quality of wild agarwood chips: Khanh Hoa, Quang Nam, […]


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