Oud oil benefits you should know about

Oud oil benefits
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Sometimes you hear or see advertising on some websites about oud oil benefits or agarwood oil benefits. They appear with an incredible oud oil price, which can be 500 dollars for a 5ml bottle of essential oil. No, it’s the normal rate with high-end quality pure oud oil. Because it’s one of the most luxurious pure essential oils on the market. We don’t talk about all our essential oil products out there. We only talk about real and pure agarwood essential oil. So, what are oud oil benefits? Why are they so expensive?

Oud oil benefits
Oud oil benefits

There are many oud oil benefits in spiritual, psychoactive, medicinal, and therapeutic fields. Now we collect during our work in oud wood time and share with you for your reference. Here they are:

  1. In Arab culture, the oud oil benefits are people believe that oud scent can connect them with the Creator. Each time use pure oud oil, their prayers rise with the scent of oud essential oil coming to their deities. The scent of agarwood essential oil and the smoke of oud wood chips also attract angels. Arabians often burn oud wood chips and fumigate in their house. They have used oud products for a thousand years in their history. There are many Arabian businessmen buying oud wood materials from Southeast Asia in the past. They also believe that using oud oil daily can remove negative energies, anti-ghost, and provide enhanced awareness.
  2. In Buddhist culture, Buddhists also see many oud oil benefits. The agarwood scent is highly effective for meditation and brings deep relaxation. Each time to make meditation, Buddhist often burns some pieces of agarwood chips or agarwood incense, or they can steam little drops of agarwood essential oil. The main scent of the incense is the agarwood scent. We believe that the agarwood scent is a good purity offering that Buddhists can offer to Buddhists. Therefore, Buddhists use agarwood products commonly in Buddhist temples because of agarwood benefits.
  3. Medically, there are many oud oil benefits but you need experience by yourself. Firstly, oud oil can promote your sleep. Secondly, oud essential oil can repair your skin. Otherwise, everyone also believes that oud essential oil can soothe joint pain, antimicrobial, and cure cancer. Pure agarwood essential oil is also used in the digestive, nervous disorders, and abdominal pain…

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