India is home to two Aquilaria species

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The primary source of agarwood and one of the world’s most expensive trees, the evergreen agar tree (Aquilaria malaccensis Lam) is a step away from extinction in the wild. Wild agarwood trees are battling extinction. The resin-filled wood from the tree is used in perfumery and high quality incense. Scientists say the species has adapted […]

Panax vietnamensis and Agarwood: source of health beneficial, species, prized herbal medicine, very valuable, considered threatened

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Panax vietnamensis  and Agarwood as source of health beneficial, species, prized herbal medicine, very valuable, considered threatened. Panax vietnamensis (Vietnamese ginseng) is the southernmost Panax species known for the most valuable ginseng in the world. Ginseng plants belong only to the genus Panax. Cultivated species include Panax ginseng (Korean ginseng), Panax notoginseng (South China ginseng), and Panax […]

What are the benefits of agarwood? - benefits of agarwood.

Agarwood is the most expensive wood in the world. It is a product of Southeast Asian forests. It has a lot of names. We can find Agarwood in the following countries: India( Agar), Vietnam( Tram Huong), Thailand( Ma Kristina), Laos( Ma Ketsana), Myanma( Thit Mhwa e), Malaysia( Gaharu, Pokok), Indonesia( Ki karas), Cambodia( Chann Crassna), […]

Where can I buy real agarwood in Vietnam?

where can I buy real agarwood in Vietnam -

Agarwood is “The wood of Gods”, which is so expensive product. Agarwood market products have upper golden lower bran of its quality. All of us know Vietnam is the capital of agarwood. The rule of immutability is you get what you pay for. Of course in that market has real products and fake products. You […]

Why is Vietnam agarwood so expensive

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Most of the people know about agarwood’name, or once upon a time hear about it, it became apparent, we know agarwood is so expensive. Especially Vietnam agarwood, they are very expensive. In essence, the reason makes it cost so high, is the lack of supply-demand gap, many people want to buy agarwood, but how to […]

Why is agarwood so expensive?

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Firstly, one of ours knows about agarwood, it is very especially of wood. A thousand years ago, it was known as “The Wood of the Gods”. Moreover, agarwood has been following through history for writing its great value. So we can find its story In the Nirvana Sutra, In the New Testament, or in the […]

World’s most expensive wood in the world – Arabic oud for sale

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Agarwood or Oud wood – World’s most expensive wood in the world Sometimes you wonder that what is most valuable wood and you search on the internet. You see some names of woods and be impressed by the name: “oud wood” or “agarwood“. That is right, oud is 7 of the best woody fragrances. It’s […]