Different between Kinam Oud and Agarwood

Different between Kinam Oud and Agarwood

What is Kinam Oud? Firstly, before talking about the differences between Kinam and agarwood, we should talk about what is Kinam Oud for your understanding. So, Kinam Oud is a special wood that contains special resinous in the agarwood tree. Kinam Oud is only formed in the core wood of Aquilaria crassna Pierre ex Lecomte. […]

World’s most expensive wood in the world – Arabic oud for sale

Sink agarwood chips oud chips

Agarwood or Oud wood – World’s most expensive wood in the world Sometimes you wonder that what is most valuable wood and you search on the internet. You see some names of woods and be impressed by the name: “oud wood” or “agarwood“. That is right, oud is 7 of the best woody fragrances. It’s […]

How to identify real agarwood bracelet vs fake agarwood bracelet?

How to identify real agarwood bracelet vs fake agarwood bracelet

First of all, there are many counterfeit agarwood bracelets on the market now because the price of agarwood price is very high. If you are an amateur in agarwood, it’s difficult to recognize an agarwood bracelet is genius agarwood or fake agarwood. Here are tips for you identify real agarwood bracelet and fake agarwood bracelet […]

Pure oud oil | What makes the best quality of oud oil?

Oud Oil | Oudh Oil | Agarwood Oil | Premium Quality | 100% Natural Undiluted Fragrance Essential Oil | Long Lasting Aroma Oil | Grade A| 1ML

Most noteworthy, nowadays it’s not easy to find real pure oud oil on the market. Everyone easy to find many products names as: “oud oil“, “agarwood oil”, “oud essential oil”, “oud perfume”… on the online market at a low oud oil price. But because most of you have never ever tried and experienced with real […]

Agarwood Bracelet Made Of Vietnam Agarwood

Vietnam agarwood Beaded Bracelet – Natural agarwood mala Beads Bracelet – Agarwood Meditation mala Beads – aloeswood Beads Bracelet – Tibetan mala Prayer Beads - agarwood Prayer Beads - Sinkable agarwood 1

First of all, agarwood bracelet from oudwoodvietnam.com is made of Vietnam natural agarwood material. Because of Vietnam natural agarwood chips smell are very sweet. As a result, when used them to make the bracelet, the bracelet is also a sweet smell. Certainly, the sweet smell is the special aroma of Vietnam agarwood material. How to […]

Oud wood or Agarwood – What is it?

oud wood agarwood

What is oud wood or agarwood? Agarwood or oud wood is a fragrant resinous part of the Aquilaria Malaccensis trees. At the first in normal condition, the wood is light and in white color without smell or only normal wood smell. Because of infection like ants, drilling…the tree will produce resin to enclose the wound. […]

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