Quang Binh – Soil Agarwood Chips Oud Chips – Best Of Ruc – Grade A++


  • Weight: 10 grams
  • Material: Wild Agarwood chips Oud wood chips from dead agarwood trees in the forests Quang Nam province in Vietnam. These oud wood chips are made from hundreds of years agarwood trees. Almost the dirty or white wood parts have been removed. The smell is very sweet.
  • How to use oud wood chips: You can cut to small pieces or grind to a powder and burning on charcoal or heating by an electric incense burner. In Vietnam, we use for drink tea or soaked in wine for healing.
  • Benefits of agarwood oud wood: Sweet smell of agarwood chips can distill your thoughts or stop your thinking. They help you get into the desired states of mind quickly. Oud wood chips are used as incense that can help you make meditation, yoga or relax. Asian people believe that agarwood can anti-ghost, negative energy and amulet. They also bring luck to your health and life. In Vietnam ancient culture, agarwood has been used in each ritual of royal, in temples of Buddhism and in the altar of rich families. Nowadays, there are many studies about agarwood ingredient. Most of them say that agarwood can help people in cancer treatment.

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