Gio Lieu Wooden Blessing Bracelet – 9mm bead


  • Rare and Fragrant Wood: Gio Lieu is a rare type of wood with a gentle and lingering fragrance. The aromatic scent of Gio Lieu wood has a calming effect on the mind, providing a sense of comfort and ease for the wearer.
  • Beautiful Wood Grain, Resembling Agarwood: Gio Lieu showcases a visually appealing black wood grain, reminiscent of agarwood, which is captivating and luxurious. The wood grain of Gio Lieu often features unique patterns such as waves, twists, or intricate floral designs.
  • 9mm Bead Size: With a bead size of 9mm, the bracelet fits comfortably on the wrist, creating a pleasant wearing experience.
  • Exquisite and Detailed Design: The Gio Lieu Wooden Blessing Bracelet is meticulously designed with sophistication, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Vietnam.
  • Positive Feng Shui Significance: Gio Lieu wood holds positive feng shui significance. According to Vietnamese beliefs, wearing Gio Lieu wood may bring luck, peace, and prosperity to the wearer.

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