Nha Trang Sinkable Kinam, Ky Nam, Kyara, Calambac, 奇楠 – Purple Kinam


  • MATERIAL – Natural Sinking Viet Nam Nha Trang Ky Nam, harvested from the tropical forest of Khanh Hoa the middle area of Viet Nam by Oudwood Vietnam brand. Natural and rare, high quality with lots of agarwood oil inside. Great scent in all kinds of incense oud agarwood in the world. The Vietnam Agarwood is always considered the highest quality natural Agarwood because of the special aroma.
  • HOW TO USE – Collection Ky Nam, Agarwood of Agarwood.
  • HELPFULNESS IN SPIRITUAL ACTIVISM – Oud wood – Agarwood is considered “wood of the Gods.” Natural agarwood has gentle and delicate aroma. Since ancient times, agarwood oud incence powder has been used in rituals of many different religions. And agarwood aloeswood chips are often used as fragrance incense. The natural agawood is also used to make meditation, yoga into the realm of relaxation. In some cultures, it is believed that agarwood disperse negative energy.
  • LONG LASTING SCENT – these oud agarwood chips incense guarantees you long lasting aroma that takes you into another space. You can still smell the fragrance after many hours of burning.
  • VIETNAM HIGH QUALITY AGARWOOD CHIPS – Agarwood is found in natural forests in some Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, … Vietnam Agarwood is considered as the highest quality agarwood. Vietnam agarwood scent is different from the other types of aquilaria, it is often considered as a precious material for agarwood incense because of this special aroma. We assure you that we always provide natural agarwood chips products harvested from tropical fores

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