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Wild Kinam vs Cultivated Kinam

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Kinam (also known as Kyara) is a rare and precious wood that has been valued for centuries for its unique aroma. There are two varieties of Kinam: wild and cultivated. While both are highly valued, there are some distinguishing characteristics such as appearance, color, hardness, oil density, taste, smell at room temperature (at natural temperature), […]

Different between Kinam Oud and Agarwood

Different between Kinam Oud and Agarwood

What is Kinam Oud? Firstly, before talking about the differences between Kinam and agarwood, we should talk about what is Kinam Oud for your understanding. So, Kinam Oud is a special wood that contains special resinous in the agarwood tree. Kinam Oud is only formed in the core wood of Aquilaria crassna Pierre ex Lecomte. […]

Kinam oud agarwood – A treasure is not easy to find and buy

Viet Nam Nha Trang Sinkable Ky Nam, Ki nam, Kyara, Qi nan, Calambac, 沉香木奇楠, Kinam Oud - 奇楠 - Calambac-Qi Nan-Agarwood

Agarwood of agarwood or the king of agarwood are the words that people talk about Kinam Oud, 奇楠, Calambac or Qi Nan from the distant past to present day. Kinam is more expensive than gold, rarer than diamond. In tens of thousands, millions of agarwood trees have one tree for KiNam oud. Only the soil […]