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The Effects of Agarwood on Improving Sleep

The Effects of Agarwood on Improving Sleep -

Agarwood, a rare and precious type of wood, holds numerous health and mental benefits. One of its well-known and widely applied effects is its ability to promote quality sleep. Many individuals with sleep difficulties have experienced improved sleep after discovering the sleep-inducing properties of agarwood. Chemical Composition of Agarwood Agarwood is a product of a […]

India is home to two Aquilaria species

agarwood in india

The primary source of agarwood and one of the world’s most expensive trees, the evergreen agar tree (Aquilaria malaccensis Lam) is a step away from extinction in the wild. Wild agarwood trees are battling extinction. The resin-filled wood from the tree is used in perfumery and high quality incense. Scientists say the species has adapted […]

Where can I buy real agarwood in Vietnam?

where can I buy real agarwood in Vietnam -

Agarwood is “The wood of Gods”, which is so expensive product. Agarwood market products have upper golden lower bran of its quality. All of us know Vietnam is the capital of agarwood. The rule of immutability is you get what you pay for. Of course in that market has real products and fake products. You […]

How to identify real agarwood bracelet vs fake agarwood bracelet?

How to identify real agarwood bracelet vs fake agarwood bracelet

First of all, there are many counterfeit agarwood bracelets on the market now because the price of agarwood price is very high. If you are an amateur in agarwood, it’s difficult to recognize an agarwood bracelet is genius agarwood or fake agarwood. Here are tips for you identify real agarwood bracelet and fake agarwood bracelet […]

Agarwood Bracelet Made Of Vietnam Agarwood

Vietnam agarwood Beaded Bracelet – Natural agarwood mala Beads Bracelet – Agarwood Meditation mala Beads – aloeswood Beads Bracelet – Tibetan mala Prayer Beads - agarwood Prayer Beads - Sinkable agarwood 1

First of all, agarwood bracelet from is made of Vietnam natural agarwood material. Because of Vietnam natural agarwood chips smell are very sweet. As a result, when used them to make the bracelet, the bracelet is also a sweet smell. Certainly, the sweet smell is the special aroma of Vietnam agarwood material. How to […]